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More value. More viewers. More visitors. It’s simple: stay in front of your target audience through value added messages. See your results soar!

  • We can create high converting subject lines that will get opened.

  • A safe and secure strategy that fits your business needs and provides value to your prospects.

  • Test the best message and optimize conversions to achieve greater results!

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet. Don’t think so? Think about what you do first thing in the morning and throughout your day. However, with the increased usage of email, we are filtering more and more of what we consider to be valuable emails. Smart businesses use email marketing to stay in touch with their current clients or prospective clients- but do you know what it is that makes this type of marketing method effective?

Some Things to Consider When Email Marketing

  • When you properly position your messaging to align with the needs and values of your prospect, your message will get read.

  • Creating high converting subject lines that will get opened, then compelling value-adding content to engage the reader to action.

  • Creating a “share” link. Recipients may just know someone who is in need of your services at the time.

  • Understanding the proper sequencing, timing and deliverability of your email campaigns can have a significant effect on your prospects.

  • Split test marketing various forms of landing pages; these are the pages where someone lands after they click on a link in your email.

  • Understanding what to test and optimize before and after you launch an email campaign

Many businesses are finding it more difficult to keep up with the trends and turn to Fresh Twist Media to assist them in their email marketing efforts. We offer everything you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns. We focus on your business, create your messaging and can customize our services to suit your goals and budget.


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